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Summary of 5-star OTOP items
Total 569 items
- Food 263 items
- Beverage 29 items
- Clothes and garments 122 items
- Ware and decorations 85 items
- Handicrafts and souvenirs 33 items
- Herb supplements37 items
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Product OTOP 5 Star - Tak
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Detail of Manufacturer
kledtao weaving cloth    (Code 630200244701)
    Category Clothes and garments

ancient weaving transfer form old to new generation
Womens Weaving Group, Ban San Phalan, Mu 3
tak ogg, bantak, Tak
Candied Star Gooseberries    (Code 630200334701)
    Category Food

The group uses the local wisdom to preserve star gooseberries for sale.
processed fruit group
Tak Ok,, Ban Tak,, Tak
Aroma Incense Collection    (Code 630600324701)
    Category Herb supplements

Amphan aroma incense is produced from natual ingredents and originates from Thai wisdom. This unique and beautiful product harmonizes contemporary lif...
Amphan Collection Group
Mae Taw,, Mae Sot,, Tak
Japanese Watermelon    (Code 630700154701)
    Category Food

Healthy vegetables grown in Hydrophonic.
Puet Pak Anamai Co., Ltd.
phobpra, phobpra, Tak
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