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  Herb supplements
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Wild Orange Supplement Food    (Code 110500014701)
    Category Herb supplements

In the past, Thais used the wild orange as laxative. HCA substance founding the wild orange helps prevent glucose from changing into lipids. The wild ...
Khao La-o Pharmaceutical Partnership Limited
Nai Khlong Pla Kot,, Phra Samut Chedi,, Samut Prakan
Herbal Soap in 7 Colors    (Code 130200014701)
    Category Herb supplements

At first, the manufacturer raised ginseng brought into Thailand by the belated Queen Mother. Then, with the experience and knowledge about herbs, the ...
Chang Kunchon Herbs
Khlong Sam,, Khlong Luang,, Pathum Thani
Mosquito Repellent Lemon Grass Lotion    (Code 130600354701)
    Category Herb supplements

Natural Farming Club, Loet Phinit Phitthayakhom Community School, ferments lemon grass and extracts aroma oil from it. This oil can prevent mosquitoes...
Natural Farming Club, Loet Phinit Phitthayakhom Community School
Bueng Kham Phroi,, Lam Luk ka,, Pathum Thani
Alum Deodorant    (Code 160600054701)
    Category Herb supplements

Alum has been used to prevent unpleasant body odor for a long time. However, it is not common used at present. Therefore, the manufacturer adapted alu...
B.S.K Deo Co., Ltd.
Ban Chi,, Ban Mi,, Lop Buri
Alovera Shampoo with Blue Pea added    (Code 180400034701)
    Category Herb supplements

Ban Tha Sai Womens Group, formed in 1990, was trained by government agencies on how to process food and make alover shampoo. The group was broadcaste...
Ban Tha Sai Womens Group
Bang Luang,, Sapphaya,, Chai Nat
Organic Liquid Fertilizer    (Code 240900024701)
    Category Herb supplements

The group was formed in 1983. At present, the group demonstrates how to made organic liquid fertilizer for the public.
Organic Liquid Fertilizer (Tuba Root) Group
Wang Yen,, Plaeng Yao,, Chachoengsao
Aroma Joss Stick and Incense    (Code 270100274701)
    Category Herb supplements

Mrs. Oithip Chamchot has over 10 years experience in the incense business. With an aim to create income for people in the community, she set up a wom...
Muang Sa Kaew Womens Incense Cooperative Group
Sa Kaeo Municipality,, Muang Sa Kaeo,, Sa Kaeo
Champak Soap    (Code 270200014701)
    Category Herb supplements

The manufacturer was interested in hand-made soap and began collecting information. First, the manufacturer made herbal soap for personal use and for ...
Mrs. Urai Akkharanurak
Khlong Hat,, Khlong Hat,, Sa Kaeo
Perfume (Miss Udon Sunshine Brand)    (Code 410100034701)
    Category Herb supplements

We extract perfume from Vanda Miss Udon Sunshine orchids which become fragrant during 8 AM to 2 PM. After that, the orchids will close its odor-produc...
Mr. Pradit Khamphoemphun
Ban Lueam,, Muang Udon Thani,, Udon Thani
Uma Black Galingale    (Code 420900024701)
    Category Herb supplements

Uma black galingale is a Thai herb that can cure diseases. It was introduced to Thailand by a Karen tribe.
Mr. Saharan Wichukorn
Wang Saphung,, Wang Saphung,, Loei
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