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Chok Hand Woven Cloth
Product Name
Chok Hand Woven Cloth
Product Code

Product Category
Clothes and garments

Na Nong Temple Weaving Group

Tambon Don Rae, District Muang Ratchaburi,
Province Ratcharuri

Detail of Manufacturer
    Na Nong Temple Weaving Group

Number of Members
    200 Person

    38, Mu 2,, Don Rae,, Muang Ratchaburi,, Ratcharuri

Detail of Group Leader
Name of Group Leader
    Mrs. Lamphan Pakakaeo

    60 Year

    44, Mu 4,, Don Rae,, Muang Ratchaburi, Ratcharuri
Product Detail
Inspired by the exquisite Chok cloth, the group combines all Chok cloth patterns into one piece of Chok cloth. All the patterns are harmoniously blended with outstanding colors. It gains a lot of interest from customers. The group presented this Chok cloth to Her Majesty the Queen and she ordered antoher 5 pieces of the groups Chok cloth. The groups Chok cloth also won the second prize in a competition in commemoration of Her Majesty the Queens 72nd birthday. In addition, the groups Chok cloth was brought into the selection of OTOP in 2004,
Manufacturing Procedures
Design a pattern. Prepare cotton and silk threads. Then, weave Chok cloth.
Product Strengths
It has unique patterns that are finely woven. The colors are beautiful and will not fast. The characteristic colors of the groups Chok cloth are green, red and black. It is comfortable to wear and easy to maintain. Chok hand-woven cloth is made of cotto
㹡üԵ 1 ͹
3,500 baht/piece
Point of Sale
- - Na Nong Temple Native Cloth Weaving Handicraft Center, Don Rae, Muang Ratchaburi, Ratchaburi- Je Leng Shop, Don Muang, Bangkok- Phrae Thong Shop, Na Muang, Ratchaburi- Rung Fa Shop, Ban Pong, Ratchaburi- The Old Siam Department Store, Bangkok- Khun Po T
More Information
- Na Nong Temple Native Cloth Weaving Handicraft Center, Don Rae, Muang Ratchaburi, Ratchaburi, Tel: 032-227889,01-8683426, Fax: 032-207222- Community Development Provincial Office, Ratchaburi