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Summary of 5-star OTOP items
Total 569 items
- Food 263 items
- Beverage 29 items
- Clothes and garments 122 items
- Ware and decorations 85 items
- Handicrafts and souvenirs 33 items
- Herb supplements37 items
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Product OTOP 5 Star - Phuket
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Pearl (Rang Yai Island)    (Code 830100164701)
    Category Handicrafts and souvenirs

Around Rang Yai Island, pearl shells were found in 1971. Later, the stock of the pearl shells was improved to produce pearls that meet the needs of th...
Phuket Pearl Farm Co., Ltd.
Ko Kaew,, Muang Phuket,, Phuket
Cashew Nut Juice    (Code 830100474701)
    Category Beverage

When the cashew nut in season, there will be excess supply. Extracting cashew nut juice is a local wisdom, making cashew nut juice able to be kept for...
Methi Phuket Co., Ltd.
Talat Yi,, Muang Phuket,, Phuket
Processed Seafood (Shrimp Chili Sauce, Fish Entrails Curry)    (Code 830100614701)
    Category Food

The company has been developing its processed seafood products to meet the needs of the market.
Siam Southern Food Line Co., Ltd.
Thep Kasattri,, Muang Phuket,, Phuket
Dried Prawns with Herbs Added    (Code 830100624701)
    Category Food

The manufacturer seasons dried seafood (prawns and squids) with herbs. The dried prawns are served as snack.
Phonthip Seastore Co., Ltd.
Ratsada,, Muang Phuket,, Phuket
Fish Ball    (Code 830100694701)
    Category Food

Fish balls are famous products of Phuket. They have been developed to meet the needs of the customers.
Mr. Phinyo Thirachariyaphiban
Ratsada,, Muang Phuket,, Phuket
Fish Ball (Ket Mukda)    (Code 830100704701)
    Category Food

The manufacturer processes fish with the scientific technique to make the fish balls soft, tough and delicious.
Ket Mukda Co., Ltd.
Ratsada,, Muang Phuket,, Phuket
Pepper Snack    (Code 830100944701)
    Category Food

It is local snack of Phuket. It is served with tea.
Kon Thong Womens Agriculture Group
Ko Kaew,, Muang Phuket,, Phuket
Spicy Chili Paste with Shrimp    (Code 830200194701)
    Category Food

Spicy chili paste with shrimp is favorite menu of Phuket residents, but it cannot be stored. Later, the preserving method of spicy chili paste with s...
Kwan Chai Kathu Womens Agriculture Group
Kathu,, Kathu,, Phuket
Fish Entrails Curry, Shrimp Chili Paste, Processed Seafood    (Code 830300294701)
    Category Food

The company has developed local dishes of Phuket to become favorable for the general public.
Mae Chu Co., Ltd.
Thep Kasattri,, Thalang,, Phuket
Batik Products    (Code 830300484701)
    Category Clothes and garments

Batik was originated in Indonesia and introduced to Phuket in 1971 by Mr. Chuchat Rawichan who taught Batick at Phuket Teachers College (now Phuket R...
Minda Batik Occupation Development Group
Mai Khao,, Thalang,, Phuket
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