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Product OTOP 5 Star - Samut Songkhram
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Detail of Manufacturer
Sugar Palm Sap Beverage    (Code 750200074701)
    Category Beverage

Due to excess supply of coconuts, the prices of coconut sugar went very low. To add value to the product and create incomes for coconut sugar makers ...
Sterilized Sugar Palm Sap Factory Partnership Limited
Don Manora,, Bang Khonthi,, Samut Songkhram
Sugar-boiled Fruit    (Code 750200404701)
    Category Food

There are abundant fruits in Samut Songkhram. But they cannot be stored for a long time. With Thai wisdom and modern technology, the group is producin...
Ban Phramot Womens Group
Ban Phramot,, Bang Khonthi,, Samut Songkhram
Coconut Sugar    (Code 750300314701)
    Category Food

The villagers in Tha Kha grow coconut trees. The group came up with an idea to produce coconut sugar because its price is higher than that of palm sug...
Womens Tha Kha Floating Market Group
Tha Kha,, Amphawa,, Samut Songkhram
Candied Banana (Pet Samut Brand)    (Code 750300374701)
    Category Food

At first, the group packed its candied banana with cellophane, but it did not gain good response from customers. Later, it used plastic. At present, t...
Womens Pet Samut Candied Banana Group
Amphawa,, Amphawa,, Samut Songkhram
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