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Summary of 5-star OTOP items
Total 569 items
- Food 263 items
- Beverage 29 items
- Clothes and garments 122 items
- Ware and decorations 85 items
- Handicrafts and souvenirs 33 items
- Herb supplements37 items
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Product OTOP 5 Star - Phitsanulok
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Thai Clay Flowers and Miniatures    (Code 650100474701)
    Category Handicrafts and souvenirs

At first, the group produced fruit miniatures and dolls from bread flour. However, the market could not be expanded. The group turned to produce artif...
Thai Clay Art
Nai-Muaeng, Muaeng, Phitsanulok
Handstitched blanket    (Code 650100634701)
    Category Ware and decorations

The group was form in 1995 to make handstitched blankets without patterns on them. Later, the group has developed the colorful and beautiful patterns ...
Handstitched Handicraft
Tha Thong,, Muaeng, Phitsanulok
Bedspread    (Code 650100674701)
    Category Ware and decorations

Handstitched Tha Thong Quilt Handicraft Group was the former Tha Thong Womens Cooperative Group which was established in 1999 by the Community Develo...
Handstitched Tha Thong Quilt Handicraft Group
Tha Thong,, Muaeng, Phitsanulok
Morinda Fruit Juice with Honey Added, Alisa brand    (Code 650100704701)
    Category Beverage

Mrs. Alisa Sornphet
Nai-Muaeng, Muaeng, Phitsanulok
Sweet Potato Birds Nest    (Code 650100854701)
    Category Food

There was an excess supply of produce such as sweet potato, banana, and taro. The manufactuere began processing them to create more incomes. At first,...
Samo Khae Khanom Thai
Samo Khae,, Muang Phitsanulok,, Phitsanulok
Sweet Taro Crisps    (Code 650100874701)
    Category Food

The middlemen gave low prices for taro to farmers. The head of the group adapted his knowledge of making sweet banana crisps to make sweet taro crisps...
Ban Plai Chumphon Womens Agriculture Group
Plai Chumphon,, Muang Phitsanulok,, Phitsanulok
Fried Herbs    (Code 650100884701)
    Category Food

Inspired by the speech of His Majestys the King, the head of the group thought of processing various herbs in the community. The group was formed lat...
Fried Herbs Womens Agriculture Group
Ban Khlong,, Muang Phitsanulok,, Phitsanulok
Sweet Banana Crisps    (Code 650500104701)
    Category Food

The manufacturer began the business by buying banana crisps from residents in the community. Later, the manufacturer has been developing its product a...
Ms. Chiraphorn Phongruchakraphan
Bangkatum, Bangkatum, Phitsanulok
Artificial Flower from Thai Clay    (Code 650500184701)
    Category Ware and decorations

Inspired by Japanese clay flowers, the group tried to seek other raw material to make artificial flowers because Japanese clay is expensive. Then, it ...
Thai Clay Applied Handicraft Group
Noen Khum,, Bang Krathum,, Phitsanulok
Artificial Flowers made from cloth and mulberry paper    (Code 650500224701)
    Category Ware and decorations

The group began producing artificial flowers from dyed mulberry paper. Later, the group developed the design of the product by making some decorations...
Artificial Flower Group
Khok Salut,, Bang Krathum,, Phitsanulok
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