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Summary of 5-star OTOP items
Total 569 items
- Food 263 items
- Beverage 29 items
- Clothes and garments 122 items
- Ware and decorations 85 items
- Handicrafts and souvenirs 33 items
- Herb supplements37 items
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Product OTOP 5 Star - Chiang Mai
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Silverware    (Code 500101944701)
    Category Ware and decorations

The art of silverware began in the past when forefathers made silver bowls and footed trays for use in religious ceremonies. Mr. Phrathan Bunlom was t...
Chiang Mai Silp
Hai Ya,, Muang Chiang Mai,, Chiang Mai
Fruit Wine    (Code 500102014701)
    Category Beverage

There is an excess supply of fruits in the northern provinces of Thailand. Therefore, the cooperative produces wine to add value to fruits. It combine...
Chiang Mai Cooperative Co., Ltd.
Chang Phueak,, Muang Chiang Mai,, Chiang Mai
Lanna Mudmee Cotton Cloth    (Code 500200174701)
    Category Clothes and garments

Hand-made woven cotton cloth is a cultural heritage and local wisdom passed down from forefathers. In the past, Thai grew cotton trees for household u...
Ban Nong Aab Chang Weaving Group
Sob Tia,, Chom Thong,, Chiang Mai
Adapted Northern Style Tray Table    (Code 500500374701)
    Category Ware and decorations

The table tray is adapted by combining the local eating culture of Northern Thailand and of the modern age together to provide convenience for your me...
Mrs. Praphaphon Yimlamai
San Pu Loei,, Doi Saket,, Chiang Mai
Patchwork Pillow Case    (Code 500500884701)
    Category Ware and decorations

Pha Ban Khang Nam Group was established on February 21, 1995. Joined by female farmer members, the group receives consultancy from the Cooperative Pro...
Pha Ban Khang Nam Group
Lang Nuea,, Doi Saket,, Chiang Mai
Honey    (Code 500700764701)
    Category Food

Trained by a Taiwanese people, Supha Yawiloet and Somboon Yawileot run a lucrative business producing honey. Over time, they have developed their skil...
Supha Bee Farm
Rim Tai,, Mae Rim,, Chiang Mai
Field Umbrella    (Code 501300984701)
    Category Ware and decorations

Making mulberry paper umbrellas is a local wisdom traced back to almost 200 300 years ago.
Mr. Suradet Kanthasong
Ton Phao,, San Kamphaeng,, Chiang Mai
Wooden Umbrella    (Code 501301114701)
    Category Ware and decorations

Making mulberry paper umbrellas is a local wisdom traced back to almost 200 300 years ago. 6 villages are responsible for each step of the umbrella ...
Mrs. Buarew Kawi-in
Ton Phao,, San Kamphaeng,, Chiang Mai
Ban Benchawan Incensed Candle    (Code 501301664701)
    Category Ware and decorations

Ban Benchawan Handicrafts Center opened its bread-flower manufacturing factory in Chiang Mai with 15 skills in 1989. Later, in 1997, the factory began...
Ban Benchawan Handicrafts Center Co., Ltd.
San Kamphaeng,, San Kamphaeng,, Chiang Mai
Chinese Cake with Longan Filling(Ban Mae Toi Chinese Cake, Chiang Mai)    (Code 501302234701)
    Category Food

Due to low prices of longan in 2002, Mrs. Saowaphan Chuanpanyo wanted to process longan to help longan growers. Since then, she has been producing Chi...
S.P. Fastfoods Co., Ltd.
San Klang,, San Kamphaeng,, Chiang Mai
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