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Summary of 5-star OTOP items
Total 569 items
- Food 263 items
- Beverage 29 items
- Clothes and garments 122 items
- Ware and decorations 85 items
- Handicrafts and souvenirs 33 items
- Herb supplements37 items
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Product OTOP 5 Star - Sing Buri
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Detail of Manufacturer
Sun-dried Snakehead Fish    (Code 170100514701)
    Category Food

In 1997, there was an economic downturn. Mrs. Nitthaya Rungsuk wanted to help people in Mae La community. She knew that sun-dried fish main food of ...
Mae La Sing Buri Womens Group
Thon Pho,, Muang Sing Buri,, Sing Buri
Passion Fruit Juice (Concentrate)    (Code 170200174701)
    Category Beverage

Sing Phatthana Womens Agriculture Group aims to create more income to members families. Due to excess supply of passion fruit, the group is producin...
Sing Phatthana Womens Agriculture Group
Sing,, Bang Rachan,, Sing Buri
Incensed Lamp Candle    (Code 170300034701)
    Category Handicrafts and souvenirs

Candles have been made for a long time. Bu the company has developed a new design for candles lamp candles to make them suitable for decoration. T...
Triple A Export Co., Ltd.
Bang Rachan,, Khai Bang Rachan,, Sing Buri
Fish Chinese Sausage    (Code 170500134701)
    Category Food

At first, the group produced pork Chinese sausage. But in 1996, Mrs. Thawi Mayu, head of the group, invented fish Chinese sausage. This product receiv...
Wihan Khao Womens Agriculture Group
Wihan Khao, â, Tha Chang,, Sing Buri
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