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Chok Cloth
Product Name
Chok Cloth
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Product Category
Clothes and garments

Tai-Yuan Agriculture Cooperative Co., Ltd.

Tambon Khu Bua, District Muang Ratchaburi,
Province Ratcharuri

Detail of Manufacturer
    Tai-Yuan Agriculture Cooperative Co., Ltd.

Number of Members
    300 Person

    101, Mu 6,, Khu Bua,, Muang Ratchaburi,, Ratcharuri

Detail of Group Leader
Name of Group Leader
    Mr. Udomphon Somphon

    62 Year

    32/23, Maen Ram Luek,, Na Muang,, Muang Ratchaburi,, Ratcharuri
Product Detail
Chok cloth is cultural heritage of Tai-Yuan people who immigrated into Khu Bua, Ratchaburi. Reflecting tribal cultre, the cloth is used to make garments such as tube skirts. The art of weaving Chok cloth has been passed down from generations to generations. It gains good response from customers.
Manufacturing Procedures
Prepare cotton threads. Dye them with natural dye. Weave Chok cloth.
Product Strengths
Chok cloth is outstanding with its black and red colors, inserted by fine yellowish green threads. The patterns reflect the uniqueness of Khu Bau and Thai art. Chok cloth is suitable for making garments for ladies and gentlemen.
2,000 pieces/month
About 1,000 baht/piece
Point of Sale
- - 101, Mu 6, Khu Bua, Muang Ratchaburi, Ratchaburi, Tel. 032-323197,07-0259088, 01-7631989,01-7050406- Thai Wisdom Conservation Center (located near Chipatha Museum), Khlong Suwannakhiri Temple, Khu Bua, Muang Ratchaburi, Ratchaburi- Booths that the gover
More Information
1. Tai-Yuan Agriculture Cooperative Co., Ltd., (located opposite Khu Bua Temple), Khu Bua, Muang Ratchaburi, Ratchaburi, Tel: 07-0259088,01-7631989,09-61648522. Chipatha Museum (located opposite Khlong Suwannakhiri Temple), Khu Bua, Muang Ratchaburi, Ratc