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Chili Paste with Honey Added
Product Name
Chili Paste with Honey Added
Product Code

Product Category

Chili Paste Making Group

Tambon Tha Chai District Muang
Province Chai Nat

Detail of Manufacturer
    Chili Paste Making Group

Number of Members
    12 Person

    142, Mu 3,, Tha Chai, Muang, Chai Nat

Detail of Group Leader
Name of Group Leader
    Mrs. Natthaphon Chinbun

    31 Year

    142, Mu 3,, Tha Chai, Muang, Chai Nat
    0-5641-5368 / 0-7199-6422
Product Detail
The group tried to differentiate its products. Finally, it has come up with using honey instead of sugar. There are 5 kinds of chili paste that the group has to offer including shrimp chili paste.
Manufacturing Procedures
1. Fry chili, onion and garlic. Grind them.
2. Boil tamarind water, salt and honey and add ground chili.
3. Add seasonings.
4. Add fried pork neck.
Product Strengths
The groups honey-added chili paste can be kept for a long time. Honey is used to replace sugar. The chili paste is hygienically clean, delicious and smells sweet from honey. It has been recognized by the Food and Drug Administration.
500 kg/month
Wholesale price: 40 baht/pack (5 bottles a pack, 425 gram a bottle). Retail price: 50 baht/pack
Point of Sale
- 142, Mu 3,, Tha Chai, Muang, Chai Nat 0-5641-5368 / 0-7199-6422
- - Chai Nat CEO outlets at 3 branches: Chai Nat Provincial Government House, Chai Nat Birds Park and Highway Service Center at 185 km
More Information
Chili Paste Making Group, 142, Mu 3, Tha Chai, Muang Chai Nat, Chai Nat